Our team

Andreea Comșa

Founder and CEO

Andreea  is founder and CEO of Premier Estate Management and is mainly in charge with the business development of the company. Andreea graduated  from the National University of Political Sciences and Public Administration. She launched her company during the financial crisis in 2008, finding a business niche by focusing on residential projects in sensitive business situation. She has proven that sales performance can be achieved even in economic recession. The business performances recommended Andreea to be included among the top 30 young professionals under 30 years old by Forbes. The company’s performance under Andreea’s management has been remarked at both national and international level.


Personal awards:

  • “Top 30 under 30” – Forbes, 2015
  • “Top 100 Young Managers” – Business Magazine, 2015
  • “Tot 200 Most Successful Women in Business” – Business Magazine, 2016

Roxana Repanovici

Associate Executive Director

Roxana has over 17 years experience in sales and marketing.  She graduated Psychology at Bucharest University and has been involved in real estate business, focusing on residential sales for more than 15 years. The experience achieved from the long term association with  well known companies such as Ibiza House (developer of Ibiza Residence, Ibiza Club, Ibiza Golf, Ibiza Golf&Light and Ibiza Sol Residential Compounds ) and Opus Land Development (developer of Cosmopolis) offered her a consolidated expertise in sales, marketing and project management applied in real estate. She joined the Premier Estate Management Team in 2013.

A clever person is solving a problem. A wise person is avoiding it. – Albert Einstein.

Cristian Stanciu

Associate Sales Manager

Cristian, with over 7 years experience in real estate, has started his career as a sales agent at Eurolines Imobiliare, residential division. After one year he started his own Real Estate Agency in Craiova, consolidating his knowledge in sales , marketing , communication and customer care. Since 2012 he joined Premier Estate Management Team as sales agent for Asmita Gardens.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out. – Robert Collier

Alexandra Moldovan

Chief Operating Officer

Alexandra graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in 2006. She has a strong experience in PR & marketing , project management and acquisitions consolidated in over 12 years in companies activating in different fields like real estate development, construction and recycling. Alexandra joined Premier Estate Management in February 2014.

In business “professionalism” is not a tactic but a moral value. ― Amit Kalantri

Elena Butucea

Associate Sales Manager

With 14 years of relevant experience in Sales, Marketing & Management of which 12 in the Real Estate market, Elena joined Premier Team to bring a plus value thru her proven knowledge, skillsand dedication.

She’s been directly involved in business development, major marketing campaigns and sales team management for important Real Estate projects and her complementary knowledges has helped her become a professional in this field.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. – Tim Notke


Alina Goleanu

Property Manager

Alina Goleanu is in charge of the Property Management department in The Estate, the partner agency of Premier Estate, specialized in Residencial Property Management and rentals. She is an expert in finding the best solutions for any situations may appear regarding the properties in The Estate portfolio. She leads the consultants team focusing on constantly improving the services’ quality. Their clients are both new owners of at least one property in Bucharest and Real Estate investors, resident in 13 countries from the Dominican Republic to Australia. They offer guidance to their foreign clients in order to attune their expectations to the Romanian rental market particularities.

Before joining The Estate team 5 years ago, Alina had 6 years of experience in the hotels industry as Sales and Events Coordinator.

Cristian Nicola

Associate Valuation & Advisory Director

Cristian Nicola is the manager of the Valuation Departament, being and RICS valuer with +10 years of experience in the consulting and appraisal field. He holds and MSc in Property Development from the University of Portsmouth as well as an MBA from Cotrugli Business School. Together with his team of experts he will give you a comprehensive valuation advice on the Romanian residential and commercial market.

The valuation team has a strong track record of assessing single properties to multi million euros portfolios for a wide range of clients including: financial institutions, corporate clients, property companies, developers, investors and fund managers.

Our Valuation Departament will provide an objective and balanced assessment of your property’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, in relation to the property market as well as full consideration of the property’s suitability for loan security, financial reporting or any other purposes.

Ionuț Sitaru

Associate Sales Manager 102 The Address

Ionut graduated the Academy of Economic Studies, has an experience of over ten years in marketing, but also in customer service, working for different companies before coming to the Premier Estate Management team. He is a competitive person, has the ability to seize the best of every opportunity in order to achieve the best results possible. His patience can withstand any difficulties.

Open-minded people don’t care to be right, they care to understand. There’s never a right or wrong answer. Everything is about understanding.

Rodica Ivanovici

Associate Sales Manager AFI City

Rodica is a Faculty of International Economic Relations graduate. She has four years of experience in customer service and in the real estate field. Being a lively and bright person, her optimism shines through as she sees the best in every situation and chooses to be as helpful as she possibly can to all the people she comes in contact with.

A positive attitude brings optimism and motivates toward success.

Mihail Urban

Associate Sales Consultant AFI City

Being self-motivated and passionate about personal development in real estate, Mihail is the youngest member of the team.

In addition, he has the habit to grab entire knowledge tasks assigned until he can master them property and finish them with ease.

His qualifications are teamwork, positive attitude and the ambition to aim as high as possible.

Silviu Stoica

Associate Sales Consultant AFI City
Silviu Stoica

Silviu is a Law graduate with five years of experience in real estate. Being a lively and charismatic person, his optimism shines while he sees the best in any situation and chooses to be as useful as possible to all the people he comes into contact with.

He is motivated by having long lasting relationships with his clients, helping them to fulfill their dreams of having their own home. His purpose is to exceed the expectations of customers, listening to their needs and offering the level of service they expect and deserve.

What you do for yourself, disappears with you, what you do for others, remains for eternity. – Albert Einstein

Laurențiu Munteanu

Associate Sales Manager Pallady Towers

Laurentiu has more than 14 years experience in sales and management. An ambitious and self motivated person, he does not like half measures and he always strives to improve the quality of his sales and negotiations techniques. His international experience and management skills bring value to our team.

“Working for over 14 years in the services area at the highest standards, I can say that I’m bringing added value to the services I offer, promoting professionalism and care to your needs.”

The only disability in life is a bad attitude – Scott Hamilton

Melania Boldizsar

Associate Sales Consultant VitaBella Residence

Prior to joining our team, Melania graduated the Academy of Economic Studies and has worked in both sales and property managment. She has also earned valuable buyer and seller training with well-respected coaches. She is motivated by formaing lasting relationships with her clients by helping make their dreams of owning their own home come true. Her goal is to exceed her client’s expectations by listening to their needs and offering the level of service they expect and deserve.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions – Dalai Lama

Crina Godescu

Associate Sales Consultant

Crina graduated Public Relations & Communication and Law University, having over 10 years of experience in negotiations and real estate before coming to Premier Management. She is driven to offer the best solution for each client in a calm, pleasant and professional way, understanding their needs.

Buying a home is a very important moment for each client so the person that gives you support in this action is also important, helping you find the best solution that meets your requirements.]

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.

Ana Maria Moise

Associate Sales Consultant 102 The Address

With more than 10 years experience in telecom area, especially in customer relations and complaint management, Ana Maria joined our company starting November 2017 as a Sales Consultant. Passionate about traveling, reading and fashion design, Ana is an open-mind person through her kind to be.

Her customer focus and her honest way of doing all things to happen, make Ana a reliable member of our team.

Be the positive impact on someone’s life. – Roy T. Bennett

Tiberiu Ușvat

Associate Sales Consultant Pallady Towers

Tiberiu graduated the Faculty of Psychology in 2010. He has an experience of over seven years in customer service, but also in sales and team management, working for different companies before joining Premier Estate Management team as Sales Consultant for Ibiza Sol Residence.

He is highly organized and skilled at managing complicated situations, Tiberiu has a “can-do” attitude and a solid expertise in working with different clients.

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value – Albert Einstein

Vali Tofan


Vali graduated the faculty of Environmental Engineering. He started his career by selling offers for a big company who provides TV and Internet services,  having more than eight years  of experience in sales and customer service. Ability and attitude are the qualities that make him stand out, but not least his knowledge.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. – Zig Ziglar



2018 European Property Awards:
Real Estate Agency for Romania

HOF Awards Best of the Best 2018:
Best of the Best Winner Local Real Estate Agency

CIJ Awards Romania:
​Best Residential Sales Team of the Year 2016 and 2017

CPI 2017:
Premier Estate Management, cea mai puternică echipa de vânzări

CPI 2017:
Andreea Comșa, Antreprenorul Anului

CPI 2017:
Premier Estate Management, Investitie Continuă în Profesionalism


May 20, 2019

PREMIER ESTATE – Excellency Diploma

We are extremely honored to have received an Excellency Diploma, offered by The Royal House of Romania, represented by HRH Prince Radu of Romania.
This diploma represents an appreciation for the high standards and quality of our company. Thank you, we are truly honored!


April 2, 2019

PREMIER ESTATE – The Agency of the Year 2018

Premier Estate Management is honored to announce the latest winning title – The Agency of the Year 2018. Our dedication for projects throughout the challenging 2018 has been rewarded by a jury of top real estate professionals at imobiliare.ro Awards Gala.


December 12, 2018

Premier Estate – BEST Residential Real Estate Agency of the year in Romania 2018

For the 3rd year in a row, Premier Estate Management has won Best Real Estate Agency of the Year, on the 11th annual edition of CIJ Awards Romania. Being recognised as the best in the business always makes us more dedicated to raising the bar in our industry, demonstrating the highest levels of professionalism and knowledge of the Romanian real estate market.


June 18, 2018

DBH Drinks Before Home May 2018

Premier Estate Management has been the host of Drinks Before Home event, organized by CIJ Romania. We have hosted almost 200 guests and I would like to thank very much to everyone who joined our event, we are honoured to have welcomed some of the top professionals in real estate, banking, finance, lawyers and the list can continue.


April 25, 2018

HOF Awards Best of the Best 2018: Premier Estate – Best of the Best Winner Local Real Estate Agency

Premier Estate Management is extremely proud to announce it’s most distinguished award so far at Hall of Fame Awards that took place in Prague. The nominees for this award were the winners of CIJ Awards in the countries of South Eastern Europe – Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia – and now the Best of the Best have competed. We are very honored to have won this International Award!

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