Mr. Periklis Voulgaris   

We are very pleased with the performance of Premier Estate Team for the past 4 years. We appreciate the spirit of initiative, the drive of delivering results and the professional approach in managing residential sales in a very challenging market environment.
Wholesale Vice President, Alpha Bank Romania

Mr. Sorin Anghel   

I consider Premier Estate to be a young and very determined team, a reliable and involved business partner, having a sound real estate expertise that has turned out to be perfectly suitable for our most prestigious development, 49 GAFENCU.
Developer 49 GAFENCU

Mr. Remus Borza   

Euro Insol is the market leader in restructuring distressed companies, administrating assets worth of EUR 6 billion. Euro Insol administrates a residential portfolio with approximately 1500 units and for the last 4 years, Premier Estate Management has been the exclusive real estate representative of Euro Insol. Premier Estate team has shown a lot of creativity and efficiency, by selling a record number of apartments in some of the most challenging residential compounds in the market.
Managing Director, Euro Insol